The 10 best days are here: pray and fast a lot!

Every year, you have the chance to go to Mecka, to do Hajj. Now the time is here. Have you saved your money, without taking loan, to get to Mecka? Have you pardoned everyone before you left, so that you come back refreshed with new aspirations? 

Hajj is a perfect time to visit Mecka, even though Omrah is very good too. When you do tawaf around Kaba, remember that everything that you have said or done or thought is now inchallah pardoned. You will feel refreshed, much much more than if you go to SPA. These ten days that is during the month of Hajj are very precious, so don't waste them doing noting, because every little thing during these days are more valuable than anything else during the year. So fast, people, fast and remember that you are blessed with Faith!

The ten days of Hajj are the best days during the whole year. Take time to fast, it is recommended and often it is accompanied with lots of good actions and reciting from the Noble Qur'an. Did you know that what you do during these ten days are better than anything else you do during the rest of the year? So take good care of these days and fast a lot.

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