Five reasons people don't care about Muslims and islam

Yes, it is true. People don't care about Muslims and Islam, most of them. And people who "care" they don't love Islam, they hate Islam, and want people to go astray, leave Islam, telling them that Islam is with a false God, that Islam is oppressing women, that Islam has nothing to give except terror and fatigue.

1. My fault?

This is not my fault only. I have tried to be the best Muslim I can be, so far. But it is hard to be a Muslim today. Most Muslims are not even close to the characters of the prophets or the sahabas, their companions. The Muslims today act like they are superior to other people because they know the truth - that is not a good Muslim. A good Muslim is the contrary. He feels sympathy with people and take care of them, and tries to be the best he can be around them.

2. The Character of the Muslims

I know Muslims that are "good" Muslims, but they hate people around them. Was that the case with Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him? Did he hate people? No, the contrary. He loved them. He felt that they were equal towards Allah and should be treated that way. But Allah intervened him and said that he mustn't let people hurt him. He must defend himself and his Muslim society from evil. He can't let the Muslims bleed while watching them being beaten. No, he has to defend himself. But did he do that the way people do today? Did he kill innocent people? Never. He only protected himself from people who wanted to hurt him. People who had swords in their hands, trying to kill his family. Self-defence is important if you want to survive. Without self-defence you can't continue as a Muslim.

So what about Muslims today? Are they defending themselves? Yes, they are. Everyday. They are trying to defend their society, their faith and their beliefs. But it is difficult to argument sometimes as most people don't listen with their reason, but with their hate that they have in their heart towards Islam. If hate exist, there is no chance that you can reach out to a person anyhow and anywhere.

If you want to do dawah and invite people to Islam you must start with your own Character. Then you can have a blog or something so that people can reflect upon the basics of Islamic Faith. But that is the problem. Most people don't behave like Muslims should do. Most people don't pray night-prayers every night. Most people don't even wake up to Fajr and still call themselves believers. Most people don't share their money with others, nor do they give saddaqa. Most people don't put their trust to Allah when it comes to marriage and striving for the sake of Allah. Most people don't put the trash in the garbage, but on the street instead, forgetting that they mustn't pollute and hurt the environment. They do everything that is against Islam and still call themselves Muslims.

3. Muslims feel proud

Muslims should never feel proud of themselves and their society, because I see, hear and feel that Muslims today are far away from Islam, even if they pray five times a day, even if they don't drink alcohol nor do they cheat on their wives nor do they eat porc. Muslims that fast are not "good" Muslims, even though many Muslims today believe that they are. Ohh.. He is so knowledgable.. He must be a good Muslim. No, a good Muslim is the person who obeys Allah in everything, abstaining from most pleasure in life i.e. Music, dancing with Music, flirting with women or men, etc. And a good Muslim is not harsh either, but gentle, soft and kind towards every animal, child, man and woman, old and young. He smiles a lot, even though he is strict upon doing the prayers at time, praying at night etc.

4. Muslims don't stay up praying all night long

If you find a guy or a girl who stays up all night praying and reading the Qur'an and do a lot of dawah during the day day, you are closer to the real Muslim.

5. The Muslim are more like hypocrites today, and real Muslims are treasures, very rare to find

Don't be delusioned  by Muslims who fast, don't drink alcohol or talk about Islam. They are not "the good Muslim". No a good Muslim is so much more than that. He or she is the best person that you dream of marrying. THAT is the good Muslim.

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