Look how Media work with "facts"!

Look how media work.

In Tunisia it is stable, even though there is some incidents with the American Embassy and other thing, but in France, media only shows these images every week, which gives the French people the feeling that these sort of things happens every day.

In spite of terrible "facts" about Tunisia that is not at all real, more than 900,000 tourists came this year and an increase of 35% since last year when the Yasmine-revolution began.

This is how Media work with the picture of another country. When New York is under water they cry for help, but when Pakistan was under water, nobody came, because Media didn't focus on the positive side of Pakistan at all under the rest of the year, while New York is associated with positive feelings...

That is also how Media work with the image of Muslims.

In spite the bad associations people have of Muslims, because Media gives a bad image of them, people are converting to Islam and become Muslims every day. Why? Because Media has only focused on a couple of things, and they don't tell the truth, not the whole truth. They only focus on what they want people to feel and think, and in this case that Muslims are bad people, which they are not, even though there are some bad grains...


When is The magic time of the day?

There is a magic time every day. This time of the day is when the children are harmonious and playing well. It is a time when we all feel well and we are conscious about the present and we are here and now. That is also  what love is about. When you are in love you are in the present time, not thinking about the past nor the future. That is why it feel so good.

The magic time is also when you wake up at night, and you feel yourself flow withing. You feel calm and want to stay up all night long. The night is magic, because it sweeps us into our house, and we close are windows and doors. We heat up the house with fire or radiators and the house feels warm, even thought it is cold outside. The rain is also magic. When it rains we can feel all stress pooring away with the rain. There is no stress of doing anything.

There must be a time for darkness and there must be a time for light. Light is good and darkness too. They help each other, because if we didn't knew the light how could we understand the importance of the darkness?

The body needs both darkness, and light. Sleep quickly when the night is come and wake up as quickly as possible before the light is come. Then you will experience more of the magic of the day and the night. 

School - it is chaotic - what should we do?

I have noticed that the school in Sweden can be great, or really bad. There are violence, people beating teachers without any reconciliation, children who don't come to classes but pass to the next year. There are so many things wrong with the Swedish school, yet, the teachers are very well trained and good at teaching. The problem is that the children don't have any home-work to do. The teachers let the children have too much leisure time. This time is spent on playing on video-games, friends or watching movies all night. Children in other countries like Tunisia don't have this pleasure of leisure. From 8. a.m. to 22 p.m. it is all about studies, either in school, home or with a tutor from Monday to Saturday.

So, what shall they do with their leisure time? They have so little spare-time. They don't go to Cinema, nor do they go to play-grounds or other institutions for children, cause there are not any. Children in Sweden are very spoiled. They have everything, except morals. The teachers don't cope with the children, because there are too many. That is not a problem really, except that every child has to have attention all the time, unless it will become bored. Many children have ADHD, or ADD or are hyperactive. That is another problem. They don't eat the same as the children did 50 years ago. They eat a lot of Adds like E621, Coca Cola, and sugary stuff. Today everything has sugar in it. That is really chaos. Add to it the food the children eat in school. All children who play play-station, eat chocolate, drink Cola will certainly be hyperactive. And the parents don't have the time, nor the pleasure to cook at home and the school-kitchen don't have the right to serve good food. They have to serve sugar (carbohydrates) every day.

Hear the voice of your soul

I am too sometimes very sad, and have tried to develop a strategy to get through the day. It is difficult to listen to your soul, because the soul wants so many things, so you get confused. Then don't forget about the whispers in your heart, that are not good to listen to. And you must no follow the whims of you soul either at any time, because the soul wants this life and not God. Soul is not just one. The soul is composed into more than one. It has its divine and good part, but also a part that wants everything in life and makes you alert and active. Both of them exist within yourself and both of them influence your moods. It is not difficult to understand which one you are in when you are depressed and which part of the soul that influence you when you feel "alive". Depression is a good way to figure out life and life mustn't be just a lot of acitivites and good "feelings". The depression tells you that you are far from God, that is all. The only thing that can bring you to God is to stay up at night, praying... That is the best way to have your "depressed soul" happy, and you will soon go back to the active life you had before.


Five reasons people don't care about Muslims and islam

Yes, it is true. People don't care about Muslims and Islam, most of them. And people who "care" they don't love Islam, they hate Islam, and want people to go astray, leave Islam, telling them that Islam is with a false God, that Islam is oppressing women, that Islam has nothing to give except terror and fatigue.

1. My fault?

This is not my fault only. I have tried to be the best Muslim I can be, so far. But it is hard to be a Muslim today. Most Muslims are not even close to the characters of the prophets or the sahabas, their companions. The Muslims today act like they are superior to other people because they know the truth - that is not a good Muslim. A good Muslim is the contrary. He feels sympathy with people and take care of them, and tries to be the best he can be around them.

2. The Character of the Muslims

I know Muslims that are "good" Muslims, but they hate people around them. Was that the case with Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him? Did he hate people? No, the contrary. He loved them. He felt that they were equal towards Allah and should be treated that way. But Allah intervened him and said that he mustn't let people hurt him. He must defend himself and his Muslim society from evil. He can't let the Muslims bleed while watching them being beaten. No, he has to defend himself. But did he do that the way people do today? Did he kill innocent people? Never. He only protected himself from people who wanted to hurt him. People who had swords in their hands, trying to kill his family. Self-defence is important if you want to survive. Without self-defence you can't continue as a Muslim.

So what about Muslims today? Are they defending themselves? Yes, they are. Everyday. They are trying to defend their society, their faith and their beliefs. But it is difficult to argument sometimes as most people don't listen with their reason, but with their hate that they have in their heart towards Islam. If hate exist, there is no chance that you can reach out to a person anyhow and anywhere.

If you want to do dawah and invite people to Islam you must start with your own Character. Then you can have a blog or something so that people can reflect upon the basics of Islamic Faith. But that is the problem. Most people don't behave like Muslims should do. Most people don't pray night-prayers every night. Most people don't even wake up to Fajr and still call themselves believers. Most people don't share their money with others, nor do they give saddaqa. Most people don't put their trust to Allah when it comes to marriage and striving for the sake of Allah. Most people don't put the trash in the garbage, but on the street instead, forgetting that they mustn't pollute and hurt the environment. They do everything that is against Islam and still call themselves Muslims.

3. Muslims feel proud

Muslims should never feel proud of themselves and their society, because I see, hear and feel that Muslims today are far away from Islam, even if they pray five times a day, even if they don't drink alcohol nor do they cheat on their wives nor do they eat porc. Muslims that fast are not "good" Muslims, even though many Muslims today believe that they are. Ohh.. He is so knowledgable.. He must be a good Muslim. No, a good Muslim is the person who obeys Allah in everything, abstaining from most pleasure in life i.e. Music, dancing with Music, flirting with women or men, etc. And a good Muslim is not harsh either, but gentle, soft and kind towards every animal, child, man and woman, old and young. He smiles a lot, even though he is strict upon doing the prayers at time, praying at night etc.

4. Muslims don't stay up praying all night long

If you find a guy or a girl who stays up all night praying and reading the Qur'an and do a lot of dawah during the day day, you are closer to the real Muslim.

5. The Muslim are more like hypocrites today, and real Muslims are treasures, very rare to find

Don't be delusioned  by Muslims who fast, don't drink alcohol or talk about Islam. They are not "the good Muslim". No a good Muslim is so much more than that. He or she is the best person that you dream of marrying. THAT is the good Muslim.

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Is islam compatible with the idea of Evolution?

Yes of course it is. But not the way Darwin intended. Who has ever read his books about his theories really? Most people only repeat what they hear in school and don't try to go back to the source. They believe what ever the books in school tells you. So was Darwin right about our heritage from the monkeys? I am not so sure about that.

It IS a fact that we come from water and clay as the Qur'an tells us. Even science prove that we once came from water somehow. But then... What happened? That is the real question. Allah tells us that Adam was created from clay and that he made Eve from his rib. That is what scientist should focus on now because we are not closer to Apes than we are to Pigs or Flies, genetically seen, even if some scientists want to acclaim our connection with the Ape. 

How to prevent yourself from evil during the evening and the night!

My doctor told me to close the doors and the windows from sunset until 9-10 a.m. This was due to the fact that I am sensible towards moisture and humidity. But I also thought about it. I had never reflected so much upon this before, even though I knew that it was sunnah, a tradition to do it. Now I do that with two intentions, for preventing the house and us from jinns but also for my health. During maghrib it is for the jinn's sake and after Aicha for my health's sake. 

Hadiths about the night and closing doors and windows:

Yes, a number of saheeh ahaadeeth (Prophetic narrations) were narrated concerning this etiquette. For example, it is narrated from Jaabir ibn ‘Abd-Allaah (may Allaah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

“When the wings of the night spread – or when evening comes – keep your children in, for the devils come out at that time. Then when part of the night has passed, let them go. And close the doors and mention the name of Allaah, for the shaytaan (devil) does not open a closed door. And tie up your waterskins and mention the name of Allaah, and cover your vessels and mention the name of Allaah, even if you only put something over them, and extinguish your lamps.”

Narrated by al-Bukhaari (3280) and Muslim (2012).

Al-Nawawi included this in a chapter entitled Chapter on covering vessels, tying up waterskins, locking doors, mentioning the name of Allaah over them, extinguishing fires and lamps when going to sleep, and keeping children and livestock in after Maghrib.

Muslim (2013) also narrated from Jaabir (may Allaah be pleased with him) that he said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Do not let your animals and children go out when the sun has set, until the first part of the night is over, for the devils come out when the sun sets, until the first part of the night is over.”

The wings of the night? What is that?

Al-Haafiz ibn Hajar (may Allaah have mercy on him) said concerning the first hadeeth:

“The wings of the night” refers to when night comes after the sun has set.

The words “then let them go” – Ibn al-Jawzi said: Rather there is fear for children at that hour, because the najaasah (impurity)that the shayaateen (devils) seek is usually present with them at that time, and the dhikr (remembrance of Allah) that would protect them is usually absent from children, and when the shayaateen spread out they hang on to whatever they can hang on to. Hence there is fear for children at that time.

The reason why they spread out at that time is that they are more able to move about at night than during the day, because darkness is more conducive to devil forces coming together than any other time. End quote.

Fath al-Baari, 6/341

al-Nawawi (may Allaah have mercy on him) said:

This hadeeth includes a number of types of goodness and etiquette which combine the interests of both this world and the Hereafter. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) enjoined these etiquettes which are the cause of safety from the harm of the shaytaan (devil) , and Allaah has made all of these means causes of being safe from his harm. He is not able to uncover vessels or untie waterskins or open doors or harm children or others if these means are followed. This is like what it says in the saheeh hadeeth, (authentic narration) that if a person says Bismillah when entering his house, the shaytaan (devil) says “No place to stay” i.e., we have no authority to stay overnight with these people. And if a man says when having intercourse with his wife, “O Allaah, keep the shaytaan away from us and keep the shaytaan away from what You bestow upon us (of offspring),” that will be a cause of the child being kept safe from the harm of the shaytaan. This is similar to this hadeeth, which is well known among saheeh ahaadeeth.

This hadeeth encourages us to remember Allaah in these cases and other similar situations. Our companions said: It is mustahabb (preferred) to mention the name of Allaah over everything that matters, and to praise Allaah at the beginning of everything that matters, because of the well known hasan hadeeth (sound narrations).

The words “wings of the night” is a well known phrase that refers to the darkness of the night. And it was said that it refers to when the darkness of night comes.

The words of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) “Keep your children in” mean: prevent them from going out at that time.

The words “for the devils come out at that time” mean that there is the fear at this time that children may be subjected to the devils’ harm because there are so many of them at that time. And Allaah knows best. End quote.

Sharh Muslim (13/185).

The Standing Committee for Issuing Fatwas was asked the following question:

In the saheeh hadeeth narrated by al-Bukhaari, it says: “When the wings of the night spread, or when evening comes, keep your children in.” Then it says: “And extinguish your lamps.” Does this command mean that it is obligatory? If it is mustahabb, what is the evidence to show that it is not obligatory?

They replied: The commands mentioned in this hadeeth are to be understood as recommendations and advice, according to most scholars, as was stated by a number of scholars, such as Ibn Muflih in al-Furoo’ (1/132), al-Haafiz Ibn Hajar in Fath al-Baari (11/97). And Allaah knows best. End quote.

Fataawa al-Lajnah al-Daa’imah (26/317)

And Allaah knows best.

Source: Islam Q&A

A lifetime with islam- how is that?

We all need some sort of traditions in our life. But what about Muslims? What traditions do they have? Are they all same?

Muslims are not all the same. They have different culture, beliefs, and language. But they do have something in common - the traditions of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him.

What traditions are they?

They are numerous, yes indeed, they are abundant. They are overflowing.

They celebrate twice a year, traditions like Christmas and Easter, but they are not the same as the feast of Ramadan or Hajj. They are better. Why better? On the outside it looks like Muslims are suffering, but if you really follow a good Muslim during the blessed months you will know that they are more happy than any person who tries to make the best Christmas ever, because the ingredients are different, even though it is called the same "a blessed Holiday".

Here are some traditions to follow:

Every day

You wake up to morningprayer and you also say Subhanallah when you wake up, wash your body with water and brushes your teeth. You put on you clothes with the right hand and foot first. Then the left hand and foot. You go to work, and then you pray four more times every day, the same routine, day after day.

When someone is sick, there is a tradition to visit that person. When you are sick yourself, you mustn't stop prayer but rather pray more. When you are sick you have several remedies to choose from.

There is the sickness of the heart too that you can cure with Muslims traditions.

Most of the traditions are for preventing sickness of the heart, mind, body and soul to occur at all.

There is also a tradition to pray at night every day, the last portion of the night before sunrise and Fajr i.e. from midnight until Fajr.

Every week

Before you sleep there is a tradition to read Qur'an: Surat al-Mulk and Surat al-Sajjdah. Every week it is also a tradition to read Surat al-Kahf on Fridays, i.e. from Aicha on Thursday until Aicha on Fridays. On Fridays there is also a tradition to go to the mosque to pray, hear the lecture and remember but also to visit the others, hear news and join the community in the holy place of God.

Every month

Every month Muslims have the traditions to fast on Mondays and Thursdays. They also attend the mosque on Fridays. There is also a tradition to fast the 13,14 and 15th of every lunar month.

Every year

Every month has its own traditions. The last month of the lunar calender is right now - Hajj. It is the time when people travel to Saudi-Arabia, Mecka and Medina to do the once-in-a-life travel - the Pilgrimage. There are traditions what to do at the Pilgrimage like going around the Kaba, and pray on the mount Arafat.

The month of RAmadan is very famous. The whole months is full of miracles and blessings and every Muslims fast, pray Taraweeh at the mosque.

Every lifetime

There is also traditions in how to welcome a newborn baby, how to do a wedding, how to prepare the dead before funeral and even what to do after he has deceased. There are many, many traditions to follow if one desires it.

There is also a tradition to read, learn and execute what you have learnt and spread it to others. There is a tradition to give travelers to eat, even if you only have a date at home.

There is many traditions and they are all called the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. 


Books I want to read

The Muslim next door - "I don't care who you are or what faith tradition you follow, this book is necessary." Not Free E-book

If you have read any book that you recommend, please let me know!

Several stages of Iman.

There is several stages of Iman. One of these are that of the prayer. Perhaps you already do the prayer at time, within the proper time. You have done that and that is good, but at the same time you don't do the prayer within the first time of the prayer. You delay it until the last part of it. So the next stage of your iman has to be to pray within the proper time and also within the first period of the proper time. This is more difficult than you think.

You are very knowledgable about islam and you know what to do, but you don't do it. You feel that Allah will accept your repentance because in your heart you are close to Allah. But the fact is that you are far away from Allah. Most people are far away from Taqwa. They continue to eat what they use to eat, sleep late at night even though it is sunnah to sleep early. They sleep not only during the morning and sometimes miss the morningprayer, but they never pray Qiyamah, the night prayer, even though they might stay up all night.

Most people don't read the Qur'an during the night. They are very few. And those who to that and persist upon it, they are rare. So if you are amongst those, inchallah you will have your prayer accepted.

The next part of the faith must be that you just not only pray at time and within the first time, you also add to it the sunnah, i.e. rakat before and after the fard-prayer i.e. the obligatory prayers. That is not only hard to do, but sometimes with a lot of things around you, you don't have the time, nor do you love to do that.

Ponder this. Even though you know what to do and how to do it, whether it is start exercising, eat properly, get the car you want, the promotion you long for or the family you dream of, you don't always discipline yourself to do what it requires of you. It needs a lot of hard work. It needs support and motivation. Most the time when you start something new you stop quickly. You persist perhaps one day or a quarter of a day, then you are tired, or fatigued and then you stop doing it and don't try until much later again.

When somebody starts something new they need a tutor or someone who can help them get through the first period of time. It takes about 40 days before you change your behaviour. That is why you can't do it alone, not at the beginning. You have to have somebody who you can talk to, somebody who intervene between you and your own self. This somebody must understand the importance of the intervention, even though he or she don't do what you want to do. But it is much easier if you find somebody who actually does what you want to do. They will remind you and help you on the way to success. Because do the prayer is success. And who doesn't want success?

How to change somebody's mind and thoughts!

How does Politics work? 

Ponder this!

My brother-in-law wanted to marry a girl that the family was against. Everybody was against the proposition of my brother-in-law, even I and my husband.
When my brother-in-law told his family about his proposition, they all responded negatively and they closed the door. Everybody - except me. Why?
Why didn't I close the door right away like the other did? It is so easy to do that. To order somebody a change. I didn't do that because I know the secret to get to people's heart and mind.

If you want to change the mind of someone, you just can't close the door. It will help nobody. Yes, you will perhaps prevent the happening to be, by closing the door, but you will on the other hand have an enemy and an enemy will not listen to you. He will hate you.

So what do you have to do to change the mind somebody? 

You have to be "sneaky" in a good way. You have to know how to play your cards well, how a played card will affect the other person. That is the way I used to make my brother-in-law change his mind about this girl. I left the door open. I told him I was by his side and that I would be on his side together with my husband if he wanted to make a war against his family and if he wanted to fight for this girl. I told him that he had the right to marry this girl, even if it is not recommended, as he will be in need of tied kinship after the marriage and other things. It is true. It is not easy to marry somebody you love without the support of the family, especially if you don't have a house, nor a job. It is with other words impossible. But to say that directly will not change his mind. You have to say a lot of other things first. 

So, what was my strategy? 

I said to him that he could go through his actions and his intentions and I told him what to do practically  i.e.  he has to have a job and an apartment. He also needs to feel that the girl he is in love with will accept this arrangement. He said that she was. But here is the trick. I knew that when I said that, he would respond to it with pleasure. He would accept this proposition. What he didn't knew was that I knew that he couldn't go through it. I already knew the impossibility of his thoughts. But I wanted him to FEEL it and really live it out, as it would actually happen. This way, he would start acting differently. He will now be open to all of your advice and proposition, because he feels that you are with him, not against him. And that is the secret to every advice given to any person. It has to be in align with what he wants.

Listen, give a couple of advice and then be patient. Let the words, the sublime message, work for itself. 

When you once have laid your cards, you have to be patient. Why? Because your words will be repeated in the head, until the words you spoke will be HIS words. You don't have to do anyting, except being patient. He will believe that it is HE that has thought the thoughts  not that somebody told him what to do. Over and over again, the message is repeated in his head. During this period of patience he will try to argument against the message, but he will fail at the end.

I don't do anything, except waiting. It is like a radio in is head with commercial repeating all the time. The more he thinks of her, the more the advice I said to him will pop up in his head and I don't have to do anything, except to be patient. 

Of course the advice will not endure for a long time and your goal will not be gained right away. It will take weeks. It also needs some listening and new advice after every time you have listened. You can't tell him not to marry this girl the first time. It has to be a lot later on, after smoothly oiling his mind with small words.

The family didn't reach his mind because they acted like dictators when they gave advice.

In this case the whole family tried to "yell" at him day and night, telling him that he was wrong, that he did the wrong choice. But he didn't listen to them, nor to the advice they gave him. He didn't respond to that at all. He didn't accept the words because they had already closed the door to HIS choice. They couldn't reach him with anger. He felt that they didn't love him, even though that was not the truth. They loved him very much. But you can't change the mind of somebody with orders and closed doors. It must be with an open door and love for HIS choice, not hate towards his choice. Love for ideas that the people have can change the world, hate towards the opinions can never truly change it. And I am only talking about the mind of the society, not the physical appearance, that could be changed even if you don't change to mind. 

For three months my brother-in-law persisted the talk and the advice of the family, until I came to talk to him. Within a couple of days his mind began to change. For every time we spoke, or rather for every time he spoke, and I listened, I heard my words coming out of his mouth.

I hadn't and didn't say: "I told you so". Never. I let him believe it was his words all the time. Sometimes it seemed like he listened well, and sometimes it seemed like he hadn't listened. But be sure, the radio with the message is always in his head, repeating itself while he is fighting the message in his head, not with a physical person. He didn't have to fight the family any more. He only had to convince himself, but he couldn't, because the message is like RNA and DNA. It only repeat itself.

That is why he was so tired all the time, and sad, because he fought the message withing himself and the message overruled his own mind. 

I was sure about the effect of this method, and it worked. 

Sometimes we are inpatient about the effect of our words. But words will affect people, if they are together with love and respect for the choice somebody makes. It took me six weeks to change his mind, and I only had to listen well and say a couple of words at the end, leaving him with the message ringing in his head. We spoke about the girl once a week, all included six times. 

This is how Politicians work too. They show love for the people, they listen to them, they say a couple of words that is in align with what the people what to hear, and then they add a couple of words to get them to the goal they, the Politicians, have in mind. They plant the message in your head and then it will be repeated over and over again, until you believe it is true. Until you think it is your thoughts and your opinion. 


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Tafseer of Qur'an and Surah Ya Seen

Tafseer - the depth of Qur'an and of the Science and mystery of it

Sometimes you read the Qur'an without reflecting upon the words. Every word is important in the noble Qur''an. When I read the famous Surah Ya'Seen I am struck by the amazing treasure that lies in it. But have I really the whole context? What more, other than the obvious, lies behind the beautiful pattern of words? I found Scribd.com really intrigue your mind and heart because it talks about the Qur'an in detail, or as they say in arabic tafseer. It is the depth of Qur'an and the science and mystery of it. And it is amazing and fascinating.

What does the "Word" mean really in the seventh verse of Surah Ya Seen? 

If you go study Tafseer, you will perhaps understand this:

“The decree has been passed against most of them, so they will not believe.” This verse consoles Rasulullah
(Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam), telling him not to grieve about those who do not believe in him because Allah had already decreed that they will never believe. Ibn Jarir said: “The punishment has become inevitable for most of them, because Allah had decreed it in the Mother of the Book (Al-Lawh Al-Mahfuz) that they will not believe.”A very hard work is handed over to you (O My Beloved Messenger) that you should warn and awake, by means of the Qur'an, that nation (Arabs) to whom for centuries no warner was sent. That ignorant and heedless nation which is neither aware of Allah nor the Hereafter; neither gaining lesson from the past nor anxious for the future; neither observant of their origin nor looking at the end; neither differing between virtue and vice nor conscious of good and bad - to bring forth such a nation from the shadows of such a long ignorance and heedlessness into the light of righteousness and guidance is not an ordinary and easy job. No doubt!

You shall try with full force and zeal to bring them up to the high degrees of prosperity and welfare by warning them of the horrible results of this ignorance and heedlessness; and by giving them the alarm of a hideous future, so that this nation by its high success may open the door of success for the whole world. But you will come across many men who will not pay heed to any kind of advice and admonition. This is why Satan subdues them and prevails upon them and enticing them to do mischief and absurdities. Satan adorns with delusion their past and future, which may be extremely dirty. Thus at last,totally disbelieving the next life, these people make only their transient and temporary wishes their destined goal.At that time, as explained by Allah, on the one hand the word of the Satan comes true:

(Satan) said: 'By Your Might, I will surely mislead all of them except Your faithful obedient servants. (Surah Saad : 82-83),and on the other hand theword of Allah is proved and applied:

He (Allah) said: ‘The truth is – and the truth I say – that I will fill Hell with you and your followers together.’ (Surah Saad : 84-85)

Nevertheless, it is already proved from eternity that such and such individuals from such and such nations, being misled by the Satan due to their carelessness and indiscretion, shall be entitled to the divine chastisement. Such people cannot be expected to come to the way and accept the truth. So if you (O Prophet) come to face such discouraging events in the mission of warning and reforming, you should not be sorrowful and grieved. You go on performing your duty and leave the result to Allah. To fully understand the above comment, the following verses should also be looked at and reflected upon:

What else can you figure out when you study the Qur'an?

And whosoever turns away blindly from the remembrance of the Most Merciful (Allah), We appoint for him Satan to be his companion. And verily, they (the Satans) hinder them from the Path of Allah; but they think that they are guided aright. (Surah Az-Zukhruf : 36,37).

This verse shows that Satan is not set upon anyone in the beginning but when one blinds himself of the admonition obstinately, the final effect is that Satan is set upon him, just as the organs of the body - hands and feet - become inactive if they are not used for a pretty long time. Allah, the Most High, says.

So when they turned away (from the Path of Allah), Allah turned their hearts away (from the Right Path).(Surah As-Saff : 5).

And We shall turn their hearts and their eyes away (from guidance); as they refused to believe therein for the first time, and We shall leave them in their trespass to wander blindly. (Surah Al-An'aam : 110)

And We have assigned for them (devils) intimate companions (in this world), who have been made fair-seeming to them, what was before them (i.e. evil deeds done in this world) and what was behind them (denial of matters of the coming life of the Hereafter). And the Word (i.e. of torment) is justified against them as it was justified against the previous generations … (Surah Fussilat : 25) 

After his control, Satan takes them to that which results in i.e. justification of the punishment.

And more...


Don't think that muslim women are any less beautiful than any other woman, its just that they hold and cover their beauty for their husbands. Its like Pearls and diamonds!

If I came to your house and asked you, Can I see your diamonds?
I see your money? Can I see your jewels? Can I have your PIN NUMBER?

You wouldn't give it to me!

Well our women, our wives, our mothers and our daughters are more precious to us then our diamonds, gold and our PIN NUMBER.

{Sheikh Khalid Yasin}

The 10 best days are here: pray and fast a lot!

Every year, you have the chance to go to Mecka, to do Hajj. Now the time is here. Have you saved your money, without taking loan, to get to Mecka? Have you pardoned everyone before you left, so that you come back refreshed with new aspirations? 

Hajj is a perfect time to visit Mecka, even though Omrah is very good too. When you do tawaf around Kaba, remember that everything that you have said or done or thought is now inchallah pardoned. You will feel refreshed, much much more than if you go to SPA. These ten days that is during the month of Hajj are very precious, so don't waste them doing noting, because every little thing during these days are more valuable than anything else during the year. So fast, people, fast and remember that you are blessed with Faith!

The ten days of Hajj are the best days during the whole year. Take time to fast, it is recommended and often it is accompanied with lots of good actions and reciting from the Noble Qur'an. Did you know that what you do during these ten days are better than anything else you do during the rest of the year? So take good care of these days and fast a lot.

Have you ever wondered and pondered upon the Creation and what lies behind it?

Sometimes you say that you will not haven't met God, but have you ever tried? Even when you are surrounded with people, ignorant about their Creator, you can take the time to meditate upon the Creation, the actions of people and what is rig
ht and wrong. This is what a man did centuries ago, before this New Age and all the inventions that have been invented to prevail life and make humans sustain longer. Even if you are in a society that doesn't care about God, you do. Everyone knows, but have to take time off routines and sit alone, without anyone disturbing, calling out for answers... 


Benefits of reciting chapter "Kahf" every Friday and every night

Today it is Friday. And Fridays are important for Muslims. 

It is today that you should visit the tombs because the people that dwells therin will have the permission to hear what we say. And we should recite Qur'an more, especially that of the Cave-chapter, because there are plenty of benefits for the person who recites it. When you read Qur'an all your thoughts that Shaytan has whispered to you will vanish, while you recite the Qur'an. You will feel much better inchallah. If you are saddened perhaps you will be more sad, because you feel the feelings of repentence. Perhaps you will feel calm, because the Qur'an is a promise. Perhaps you will feel better, because of the protection against the whispers of Shaytan that leaves you mind. 

Benefits of reciting three verses from Surah Kahf every Friday

Insha Allah, you will get in the habit of reading Suratul Kahf every Friday. You can begin on Thursday evening as it is technically "the night of Friday" once Maghrib has arrived.
Something to make it easier is to read along with a well-known reciter. See the end of this message for some urls of good reciters.

It is the 18th Surah in the Qur'an. 

There are many ahadeeth that enumerate the blessings of this surah in its entirety and regarding the first or last ten verses.
1. Abu Darda' ~ may Allah be pleased with him ~ related that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said, "One who memorized the first ten verses of Suratul Kahf will be secure against the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) . Another version says: "One who commits to his memory the last 10 verses of this surah will remain immune from the Dajjal. [Muslim]
2. From Baihaqi: He who recites Suratul Kahf on yaumul Jumuah (Friday), Allah will shine a light for him between the two Fridays. [sahih]
3. From Ahmad, Muslim, An-Nisaa'ie, and Ibn Habban  that Abu Darda' said the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said, "Whoever reads the last 10 ayat from Suratul Kahf, he will be immune from the fitnah (corruption) of the Dajjal (the Liar).
4. Al Bukhari, Muslim and others: Al Baraa' said a man was reading Suratul Kahf in his home and there was an animal in it (it did not specify if it was a cat or dog or goat -- it just used the general term for animal) that started to become uneasy or nervous. He looked up and saw a mist or a cloud and it deceived him. He mentioned it to the Messenger of Allah ~ ~ and he said, "Read (he said the person's name) for verily sakinah descends for (the recitation of) Qur'an". The person who was reading was 'Aseed bin Hadheer, as At-Tubraani explained.
5. From At-Tirmithi who proclaimed it sahih: Abu Darda' said, "The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said, 'Whoever reads 3 ayat from the beginning of Suratul Kahf is protected or immune from the fitnah of the Dajjal. In another version it says 10 ayat from the beginning of it or 10 ayat from the end of it.
6. Ibn Mardwiyah Al Daiya' in "Al Mukhtaar" related that Ali ~ may Allah be pleased with him ~ said that the Messenger of Allah ~peace be upon him ~ said: "Whoever reads (Suratul) Kahf on yaumul Jumuah, he is immune for 8 days from all fitnah that will happen. When the Dajjal comes out, he will be immune to him.
7. Found in At-Tubraani' s "Al Awsat" and Al Haakim's "Mustadrak" and who declared it sahih, Ibn Mardwiyah and Al Baihaqi and Al Diyaa': Abu Saeed Al Khudari said that the Messenger of Allah ~ ~ said, "Whoever reads Suratul Kahf has a light for him from "maqaamahu" his place (where he is standing) to Makkah; and whoever reads 10 ayat from the end of it (the last 10 ayat) then the Dajjal comes out, he will not be harmed by him.
8. Al Haakim who said it is sahih - the hadith of Abu Saeed - that the Messenger of Allah ~peace be upon him ~ said, "Whoever reads Suratul Kahf on yaumul Jumuah, a light will shine for him between the two Fridays (until the next Friday). Al Baihaqi also provided that hadith in "As-Sunan" from the same narrators and from a different chain.
9. Ibn Mardwiyah from Ibn Omar ~ may Allah be pleased with them both ~ who said the Messenger of Allah ~ peace be upon him ~ said, "Whoever reads Suratul Kahf on yaumul Jumuah (Fridays), for him light would shine from beneath his foot to 'Aden in the heavens, shining for him on the Last Day and he will be forgiven for what occurs between the two Fridays (minor sins)
10. On the authority of Aiesha ~ may Allah be pleased with her~ the Messenger of Allah ~ peace be upon him~ said, "Shall I not inform you of a surah which is so full of greatness it reaches between the heaven and earth and it has blessings written for it of similar proportions (from the sky to earth) whoever reads it on yaumul Jumuah is forgiven what occurred between that Jumuah and the next, in addition to 3 days (i.e. 10 days in all) and whoever reads the last five ayats of it when he goes to sleep, Allah will send him that night what he wants? They said, Yes, O Messenger of Allah. He said: Surat Ashaabul Kahf. 

And if you find any errors then it is my fault, and may Allah protect me against evil and forgive me.

So who doesn't want Allah to send him light that shines upon him, that Allah forgives him his minor sins, that Allah gives him all that he wants that night?


Science prove God's existence?

The more scientific proof we have, the more we, the Muslims, believe...

that is the truth because when you read Qur'an you will find a lot of things that is not "against" science but rather unproven science. Many things during the past centuries were not proven, until this century, and then we found out that the things in Qu'ran were exactly what science proved to be, but until then it was only belief that kept Muslims believe that it was the truth, they didn't have any science to prove it, it had been unproven until then. That is the case with Qur'ân until now. There are things that you just have to believe, because science have been able or capable to prove it or unprove it yet,like for example magic, djinn and angels, but they with all respect do exist and many people, psychic know that.

But when Science prove something, think again. Did somebody know everything and was it proven that time or was it a lucky guess, over and over again?

Read the noble Qur'an and think for yourself - how could a guy know about it 1400 hundred years ago and write about it?

So, before you say that there is no such thing as a djinn or angel or paradise, think again, when somebody one day prove to you their existence will you believe or reject the new proof?


You shouldn't feel inferior and weak in front of a non-believer

Many times you feel inferior as a Muslim. You feel shame to pray in front of an Atheist or a Christian, perhaps they will laugh at you and say something that makes you feel sad. You shouldn't. This is what the Prophet told us to do and how we should feel when we are amongst others or meet them. 

The Prophet salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam said: and if you encounter them in the street, force them to the narrowest part of the road”. This hadeeth doesn’t mean that if I am driving in a mountainous road and with a Christian on the opposite direction that I must throw him off the cliff! It means that a Muslim must be proud of his Islam so that when a non Muslim comes in the opposite direction, he shouldn’t feel inferior and weak and give him way. On the contrary, he should remain on his course and the disbeliever should move out and give way to the Muslim. This is a lesson in honor and dignity that is badly needed by Muslims. It is not a call to harm others. Today, Muslims have an inferiority complex and that it is why they look like them and behave like the disbelievers. This hadeeth is a wakeup call to those who are ready to wake up!

/Assim Alhakeem


Women on Waves in Muslim country Morocco - Why?

"A Dutch "abortion boat" is en route to Morocco in its first trip to a Muslim country.

The procedure is illegal in Morocco, unless the mother's life is at risk.
The organisation, Women on Waves (WoW), provides abortions and contraception information outside territorial waters in countries where abortion is illegal.
Over the past 11 years, a Women on Waves ship has visited Ireland, Poland, Portugal and Spain, sparking protests from anti-abortion groups.

In cases of illegal abortions performed domestically, women expose themselves to grave health risks by resorting to dangerous methods, the organisation says.
The group says that, according to figures published by the Moroccan government, between 600 and 800 abortions take place every day in the north African kingdom.
"The problem is that only about 200 cases are done properly, by women who have money," said Ms Gomperts, a doctor.
The Dutch organisation says it was "invited" to Morocco by local youth group the Alternative Movement for Individual Liberties (Mali), to raise support for the legalisation of abortion in the country.

WoW will not carry out any abortion operation during its expected trip to Morocco, but will "promote the idea of a safe medication abortion", according to the Mali website."

Source: BBC

I just wonder something

How is it even possible that women in Morocco have these problems? Aren't they married? What happens in Morocco that I don't know? Are women being raped? Are they having too many kids? Why must they do any kind of abortions?

I know that you can do abortion in islam, but not anyhow and anyway, like they do in Western countries like my own Homeland Sweden. 

In Islam there are several reasons to do an abortion. 

Praise be to Allaah.
The Council of Senior Scholars issued the following statement:

1 – It is not permissible to abort a pregnancy at any stage unless there is a legitimate reason, and within very precise limits.

2 – If the pregnancy is in the first stage, which is a period of forty days, and aborting it serves a legitimate purpose or will ward off harm, then it is permissible to abort it. But aborting it at this stage for fear of the difficulty of raising children or of being unable to bear the costs of maintaining and educating them, or for fear for their future or because the couple feel that they have enough children – this is not permissible.

3 – It is not permissible to abort a pregnancy when it is an ‘alaqah (clot) or mudghah (chewed lump of flesh) (which are the second and third periods of forty days each) until a trustworthy medical committee has decided that continuing the pregnancy poses a threat to the mother’s wellbeing, in that there is the fear that she will die if the pregnancy continues. It is permissible to abort it once all means of warding off that danger have been exhausted.

4 – After the third stage, and after four months have passed, it is not permissible to abort the pregnancy unless a group of trustworthy medical specialists decide that keeping the foetus in his mother’s womb will cause her death, and that should only be done after all means of keeping the foetus alive have been exhausted. A concession is made allowing abortion in this case so as to ward off the greater of two evils and to serve the greater of two interests.

Source: Islamqa.info

With regard to the rulings following an abortion, they vary according to the time of the abortion, and fall into four categories, as follows:

1 – If the pregnancy is aborted within the first two stages (the nutfah (drop) stage which results from the mixing of the “two waters” which is the first forty days after the embryo attaches itself in the womb, and the ‘alaqah (clot) stage where it turns into solid blood during the second forty days), which add up to a total of eighty days, then in this case if it is aborted as a nutfah or ‘alaqah, there are no rulings to be followed, and there is no scholarly dispute on this point. The woman should continue to fast and pray as if she had not had an abortion, but she has to do wudoo’ for each prayer if she has any bleeding, as in the case of a woman suffering from istihaadah (non-menstrual vaginal bleeding).

2 – If the pregnancy is aborted in the third stage, the mudghah (chewed piece of flesh) stage, when the embryo looks like a piece of meat with the limbs and features beginning to appear, which lasts for forty days from the eighty-first to the one hundred and twentieth day, then there are two scenarios:

(i) This embryo does not have any human features and the midwives or other attendants did not testify that this was the beginning of a human being. In this case the ruling on abortion of this mudghah is the same as the ruling on abortion in the first two stages, and there are no rulings to be followed.

(ii) The embryo has complete human features or some human features such as a hand or foot, etc, or there are features but they are indistinct, or the midwives or other attendants testified that this was the beginning of a human being. In this case the rulings on nifaas are to be followed, and this signals the end of ‘iddah (waiting period following divorce or death of the husband, if applicable).

3 – If the pregnancy is aborted in the fourth stage, i.e., after the soul has been breathed into the foetus, which is after the beginning of the fifth month or after one hundred and twenty days of pregnancy have passed. Here there are two scenarios:

(i) If the foetus did not cry after birth, then the rulings mentioned with regard to the second stage of the mudghah are to be followed, but in addition the foetus should be washed, shrouded and the funeral prayer offered for him; he should be given a name and the ‘aqeeqah offered for him.

(ii) If the foetus cried after birth, then the rulings concerning a full-term baby apply, as mentioned above; in addition the child may take possession of wealth bequeathed or inherited; he may inherit or be inherited from, etc. i.e. the child lives!

Source: islamqa.info