Homo Sapiens and the Muslims

I have a hypothesis about earth and humans.

The history of islam.

Allah tells us that before Adam came to earth, there was only plants and animals on earth. When Adam came  to earth, he was around 100 feet (or 30 m). When Noah lived, he lived for 900 years. It doesn't tell how big he was though.

So, with these two "facts" I will now discover our past.

New data shows that the earth that we are living on has not been like this forever. It has been smaller and is still expanding. That is why the continents are separated. Otto Hilgenberg (1896-1976) introduced this theory in 1933. It explains very much of what happened with Homo Sapiens when it came 200,000 years ago. Homo Sapiens today says the anthropologists is a monkey, or has been a monkey, but there is no relation between them more than it is between a pig and a human being, if we look at the DNA of these species.

Back to earth. New data tells us that earth has been more green than it is today. The oxygen in the air was much higher, about 60 percent, compared to today's 23 percent. This made everything much bigger. The animals were bigger, the dinosaurs were bigger and it lasted until Adam. When Noah came I don't know what happened with earth, but there has been a deluge. About that I am not sure, but I am sure that Noah lived for 900 years, because if earth was smaller at the time of Noah then the earth must have had much more rotation around itself, which practically means that it spins faster. If you compare a big ball with a small one, which spins faster, the big one or the little one? That is why I am convinced that Noah really did live for 900 years, relatively.

There is some confusion between the scientists about where Homo Sapiens come from and how they expand. Because why are Homo Sapiens called Sapiens, "the wise"? Because it is. Allah taught us everything and every name on things to these people. The most interesting thing though, that I haven't found yet, is the first "Homo Sapiens". It is said to be in Africa, when the north pole was in the centre of the earth, but I want to find proof that it wasn't in Africa, but rather in Saudi-Arabia that the first "Homo Sapiens" was.

I don't disapprove Darwin's theory about change and development, but I am not convinced about his theory about Man coming from the Apes. They are separated, and that is what Scientists tells us too, even though they are trying to find similarities between the apes and man, which they find genetically, but they can't prove that they are the same. Even an insect like a fly and a man has almost the same DNA, genetically. That doesn't mean that we are insects. But I am interested in how man was created, from earth and water and where and when that happened...

To be continued...
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