Highly paid Project leader for a translation company OR Emigration for the sake of Allah?

It was really hard for me today to know that I have turned down a job as a projectleader for a translation company in Sweden. But the cause for doing that is that I have to go / emigrate to Tunisia with my children in Autumn and I can't do both. 

And the reason for feeling down is also that I am a Muslim and it is hard for Muslims to have a job, especially a job where you need higher qualifications. So I felt down. But then I remembered that Muslim women are not any women. They are diamonds, gold and queens. Would Queen Elizabeth of UK become a project leader? I don't think so. That is how we must think. Housewives, emigrated women and Muslims ARE Queens. THEY have the best and most important job. They are paid the most in the eyes of Allah. They are better than a project leader. 

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