Let us discuss the Qur'an now

Let us discuss the Qur'an now. I respect the faith of the Christians and the Jews and the Atheists and others, but please, discuss with me about the Qur'an now. Forget that it is from God. You believe whatever you want. Du believe that the Qur'an is false, invented, because you do not believe in God. But we discuss the Qur'an now. Forget that it is from God at let us discuss it and compare my guidance with your guidance. Do not think of God now, but speak reasonably. If it is perfect, then I say that it is from God. Is it true or not true? I say that the book of Qur'an is true. The Qur'an is perfect, flawless. It is exact, in everything. It is a guidance for everybody, anytime. There is no contradiction in the Qur'an. The person who reads the Qur'an, thinks and reasons - he will fear the Power and Might of Allah, because he will know the truth. The Qur'an allowes science and experiments, and it even encourage it. 

It the Qur'an you will find a verse, ayah, that says that the earth is flat AND that it is flat WHEREVER you are on earth and that there is a direction wherever you stand. The person who reasons will notice that it does not say that the earth is round. Remember that the Qur'an was revealed and 610-632 A.C. At this time it was the Greek that have had the science, and you can't find anywhere where it says that the earth is round in an earlier book written by the greeks. So how could Muhammad, who did not know how to write or read, know these things. Nobody knew about this piece of information. 

The Vikings and Columbus had not yet went on adventure to find Wine-land with native 
Americans. They had not yet sailed to Australia where the aborigines lived. They were all 
on the European, Asian and African continent. 

The person who reasons will conclude that the earth must be round. If it had been flat or in the form of a square, you would have falled down from the edge. So what does this prove? Because this important information was written down before the researchers in Europe found out that the earth was round, when everybody that moment believed it was flat (Christians), or in the form of a tree (Vikings), how could Muhammad (pbuh) know this? Was he a taught man? 

When a person who does not believe in miracles or God hears this, his first reaction would be that he does not believe that is is a revelation, a knowledge, from God. He must say that Muhammad invented it. But Muhammad was widely known before the revelation at the age of 40 as the "honnest and the person who says the truth", even though many did not want to accept THIS truth. During 40 years of his life, from his birth until the day he talked about the revelation he had from Gabriel, Jibril, he was called that. Would he lie? He was analphabet and humble. He did not have knowledge, except that from God. He was never a priest or a learned person. He was a man, a human being, an orphan. The prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, lived and stayed with his people, amongst them during forty years, without any miracles. 

If you want to know more about this and the science of the Qur'an, you can read more here. If you read the Qur'an in a language that is NOT arabic, you will be disappointed, because the translation is in any language very poor. You have to know the arabic words too, to understand the REAL meaning of the verse and the science behind it. 

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