Are you Couragous?

I have a lot of thoughts. I am a woman and I do not have an empty box that I can open and just BE, like the men, so I think.

I think about the Muslims now being killed by the Buddhists. Why can't the Buddhist leave the Muslims alone and why don't the Muslims do anything about it?

I also think about the refugee-camp in Kenya, that is supported and protected by the U.N. Why can't they have a decent home and help from the wealthy people in Europe and why can't they come here a while. I want to welcome them for a while, and then, when it is better in their countries, give them the choice to choose to go home or stay. There IS room for everyone in Europe, but most people that speak up in media are racists or do not care at all. Those who care, they already help people in the poor countries somehow, financially, or others.

I also think about the Muslims and how afraid they are all the time. They do not have the courage, most of them dont have it. They do not speak up. Because if they struggle for the right of something or someone, they are called extremists or terrorist and that is NOT okay, they think. Media do not help them either. They only care about the lates Music album or the weather. Because they know that if they focus on the situation of the Muslims in the world, the world and the peopel in it will start to care and they will start trying to do something, Meanwhile, they are watching the news, watching brothers and sisters and daughters and sons being slaughtered, while drinking coffee or chatting online. THAT is not acceptable.

Stand up and write and let everybody know what is important. Now it is Ramadan. We MUST help our brothers and sisters in Burma or in Kenya somehow. Allah sees everything we do. If we die, by a terrorist-buddhist, it is all worth it. But who is willing to join the Swedish army or the American army to stop this war and slaughter? Nobody. Not even I. So I keep writing and hoping that my words will touch anyone who want to stop this. Israel can interfere and help the Muslims if they want to, they have everything to do that. I hope that a Jew will read this and fight for the Muslims right to live. I hope that an American Christian will read this and keep on interfering for the sake of the Muslims. I hope that the Atheists will know, and pray for the Muslims.

I hope that somebody could be Couragous. Are you?

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