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There is nothing so boring as writing about something perfect as islam. So why should I bother writing? The truth has already been written in the book called Qur'an. All I have to do is read it, repeat what it says and make more people listen to the beauty of islam. 

Islam is white, pure and clean. Islam is like a beautiful white dove when it bowes to drink some water. Islam is peace. Not the peace that the people at concerts are trying to expose, but the inner, true peace. The one that will calm you and make you tranquil when you're feeling sad or angry. 

Islam is what it is. It is the perfect religion to smart people. People who think, and want something more out of life than just cash. There have been gay people loving this religion of Allah. There have been small, ordinary people in other side of the world accepting and putting on the islamic clothes of belief everyday. There have been famous people in Hollywood doing hajj after accepting islam. So why should not you? 

Every man and woman has a heart. This heart is not only the physical one, but also the spiritual one. I have met so many people that want to know why I wear hidjab, but yet they do not want to know anything about Allah. But how will they understand why I wear hidjab if they do not know Allah. They will never understand. 

So, everybody, please, try to learn more about the great Creator of yours. The One, the Merciful, who is Unique and Only. He has not been born, and he has no child of his. He has no beginning and no end. Yet, He is the Almighty, the Powerful, who guides Whom He willst. 
Let's do an exercise. 
Sit down and close your eyes. This will make your ear start working harder. Even your nose will start fonctioning better. The result of closing your eyes is that you will start using other organs and senses, and thus you react and experience life in another way than you are used to. When you open your eyes again, you will start forgetting what you just experienced. That is the same with the truth. When you let your eyes decide and your brain interpret, the heart will not feel or at least you will not notice that the heart feels. It will be closed. Thus you will never understand the purpose. Only the heart can understand the purpose. Only the heart can be filled with belief. Not your brain or your eyes. So close your eyes, just for a minute, and make your brain quit chattering. Feel. 

Open your eyes. You will not feel much of a difference. Perhaps you will feel a little bit sad. Some of you will certainly say it is because of fatigue or sickness. But is it really? Think about your graveyard. You are there, under the earth. Nobody will be there. You will be conscious. No, that is true. Allah has told us so. But not physical conscious, spiritually. Angels will come and ask you questions. How do I know? I have read the Qur'an and the sunnah. I were in doubt before I entered islam. I felt life were full of opportunities. I still feel that, but now I am not concentrating on that as much as I am focusing on my life and my life in the here after. Every girl and boy has asked the question why? With islam I have found the answers. I do not feel that religion is something for the ancestors, or the believers, because I AM ONE now. I know who has Created me. It is God, Allah, the Most High. 

With the light of the Qur'an I now see things I did not believe before. I understand things I did not understand before. I think thoughts that I have never thought before. I feel feelings that I have never felt before. 

I want you to use your eyes and brain to know about all miracles that are in life. Just look at yourself and how you were born and what you were before you were born. Where were you? You were literally nothing, just a soul. Look at a child who is innocent and pure. Look at old people waiting for death to come and take their soul. They are all hoping to get some peace. But will there be peace after death? Some think opimistically that everything is gonna be alright. This is not true. Everything is not going to be alright. There is a time-limit to every soul on earth. How we behave and how we think and how be feel will be judged. It is not WHAT you do that is important in life. It is HOW you do it. So if you live a long life, or a short one, as a poor or a wealthy man, none of these things matter and God will not judge you with the wealth you have earned, only HOW you have spent it and HOW you have earned it. 

I know that this life is a test. It is a test to see which of us that will work with our hearts and minds and souls to purify ourselves. Why purify ourselves? Because paradise will only be open for those who are pure in mind, body and soul. If you are not pure in mind, body and soul in life, then you will be purified in the grave. If you are not purified in the grave, you will be purified on the judgement day. If that is not enough, you will be purified with in hell. Then you can enter paradise, with Allahs will, wisdom and mercy. 

I love Allah, because I know Him. I love Allah because He has guided me. I know that if you love Allah, more than I do and seek guidance from Him, with pure intentions, then Allah will certainly, Allah willing, guide you and love you. Everyone has its whole life to pass the test, and on the Judgement day you will have your test back. Did you succeed? Or did you fail? 
I know for sure that everything in islam is beautiful, because I understand some of Allahs wisdom that he has giventh me. Allah knows what is best for us and therefore I want to witness everyday that there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is His messenger. 

Thank you for reading this!
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