RICHARD DAWKINS (atheist) takes on ISLAM on Al Jazeera TV

I really, really want somebody to talk to this arrogant man, Richard Dawkins, who with his ignorant attitude makes fun of Muslim girls, even though they are better informed than he is.

Al-Jazeera is the man for the job.

Here is the video:

"What would you do if God descends upon you?"
"Oh, I have thought about it too....!"


Ebola - Nature, accident or genocide?

What do you think about this?

The documented evidence revealed in Dr. Horowitz's new book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola - Nature, Accident or Genocide? (Tetrahedron Publishing Group, 1996), shows that NCI researchers, during the 1960's, mixed viral genes from different animals to produce leukemia, sarcoma, general wasting, and death. This provided the "cancer models" used to study human cancer and begin human vaccine trials. The book, described as the first in-depth exploration into the origins of AIDS and Ebola, and its controversial conclusions, have offended many top AIDS researchers, and been hailed by numerous others who have long questioned the green monkey theory, or feared disease outbreaks from viral vaccine experiments.

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The history of Tunisian Muslims - they lived in the most high-tech city of the world.

Tunisia was t h e New York, a metropolis, for more than 600 years with ingeneering, architecture, sky-scrapers, running water in the houses, killer Aston Martin boats. Everybody wanted to live in this modern and high-tech land!


Sami Yusuf - Forgotten Promises

Have you ever wondered why people want to be and stay Muslims? This is one reason - the big community - the ummah.

Listen to this and enjoy!

Seychelles - the richest country in Africa

1. Seychelles - The Muslim population is reported to be only 1,1 %, about 900 people.
2. Equatorial Guinea - Muslims make from 1% to 25 % of the population depending whether they are practising the religion or not.
3. Gabon - Approximately 12% of the population of Gabon practices Islam, of which 80-90% are foreigners.
4. Botswana - Islam is the third largest religion in Botswana, following Christianity.
5. South Africa - Islam in South Africa has grown. The local Muslim population are known to be peaceful, tolerant and moderate.
6. Libya - Most Libyans are Muslims.
7. Tunisia - Approximately 98% are officially estimated to be Muslims, but in reality it is more than half the population.
8. Namibia - Islam is the third largest religion in Namibia after Christianity.
9. Algeria - Islam is the religion of almost all Algerians.
10. Egypt - Muslims represent 94% of the population. 

4 celebrity couples you forgot ever existed

Life in Medina was pretty romantic. In light of the prophet Muhammad and Khadija's love story, we'd like to remind you of few other couples you forgot happened.

Hey, did you know that Khadija were married to a 15 year younger, honest, kind and beautiful man, and that by that time she (nor he) knew he pbuh was going to be a prophet?

Fatima and Ali got married and had two boys. Fatma was very inspiring, because she stood up for the right to speak, she was a Politician and she worked for the human rights. Ali was also very successful.

Prince Rahim Agakhan's wedding on the 31th of Augusti 2013 with American Super-Model Kendra Spears, now Princess Salwa Agakhan, in Switzerland.

And at last but not least we have...

Janet Jackson, who secretly got married to billionaire Wissam al Mana, also converted to Islam and officially retired from Music. 


Islam - only a culture or Arabic traditions or neither?


There are people, out of ignorance, that believe that Muslims are following arabic traditions and that islam on is a cultural thing. Nothing is more wrong than that.
Some people believe that if you are catholique and lives in Rome that you will find it normal to do some Christmas-stuff and that if you are a Muslim and lives in Tunisia you will find it normal to do certain stuff at Eid. And that it is the same thing: and that is the basic belief in every believing person.


There is a huge difference between believing Muslims, Muslims and non-Muslims.

Islam came to destroy all cultural things and remind people that they have to do scientifique researches and reflect upon and interrogate on e v e r y thing that is in life and the origine of it. For example: Why do we celebrate Christmas? And what is the origine of it? It is obligatory to every Muslim to ask about everything in Life, like kids do. And find answers to everything.

A Muslim never accept anything without knowing why. Everything has to be discussed and questioned and you never follow a culture nor tradition. What happens in Egypt or in Tunisia is culture - not islam.

Most people born into Islam don't follow Islam at all. They are ignorant and don't know even the basics of Islam. They believe that Islam and that the best of the Muslims are those that do their prayer, but in fact, the truth, is that the prayer is the basics of Islam and not the top of it.

Islam is about changing the way of thinking, feeling, understanding, behaving, your behavoirs and character. The best amonst the Muslims have a charactere and behaviors far from that of most of born Muslims today, and they are only Muslims, not believing Muslims, just like people celebrate Christmas, while being Atheists or Agnostics. It is a big difference between Muslims and Believing Muslims, that is why the world are confused.


Argue with Allah? - Is that permissible?

When I say argue with Allah I mean, what will you say the day of Judgment when you talk to Him and answers His question, why did you do it? If your answer is trufully, that you did it because you feard him and this day, then your answer will inchallah be correct, whatever you did. People that do things they shouldn't do often forgets to repent for them to the people they hurt. So how could they be forgiven? It is much easier to forgive somebody that says I'm sorry than to a person that did something and didn't regret it. Who would you forgive if it was the worse thing you could imagine? r would you? So, in order for Al should start to repent things that you have done, sincerely, so that he can forgive you. It is so easy. The second thing is that there was a  man that was so afraid of God that he asked his Children to burn him and spread the Ashes in the ocean. Allah created him again on the Judgement Day (will be created) and he will be asked about it and then forgiven) because his faith in God was so strong and pure subhanallah.

why is islam so obsessed with the sunna of prophet muhammed? he rode a camel so should we give up using cars and ride camels instead how much is too much?


Haha, yes they are!

No, they aren't!

Islam is about being the best person you can be. How you behave and what you should choose in Life, if you Believe in God and Life after Death. The Qur'an helps us to understand what's important and it tells us what we should do, not in the strict sense you laid out, but rather like this: "Everything on Earth is halal, if it is not haram" You are therefore allowed to drive a car and buy int etc. At the same time you can considerate this. Cars pollute the Environment and Islam tells us not to hurt anyone or anything - not trees, not animals, not make any harm to Children, men , women old, Young foreigners etc. So when we drive it i is alllowed, but is it the better choice. Use Qur'an as a guuide and decide for yourself what you Believe is the right way to go. Argue with Allah and try to find evidence and support in the Qur'an or sunnah for your choices and justifications. That has happened Before and that is how we should approach Life and Qur'an. And Allah knows better.